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GitHub Actions

Tart already powers several CI services mentioned above including our own Cirrus CI which offers unlimited concurrency with per-second billing. For services that haven't leveraged Tart yet, we offer fully managed runners via a monthly subscription. Cirrus Runners is the fastest way to get your current CI workflows to benefit from Apple Silicon hardware. No need to manage infrastructure or migrate to another CI provider.

Testimonials from customers

Sebastian Jachec, Mobile Engineer at Daybridge.

It’s been plain-sailing with the Cirrus Runners — they’ve been great! They’re consistently 60+% faster on workflows that we previously used Github Actions’ macOS runners for.

Max Lapides, Senior Mobile Engineer at Tonal.

Previously, we were using the GitHub‑hosted macOS runners and our iOS build took ~30 minutes. Now with Cirrus Runners, the iOS build only takes ~12 minutes. That’s a huge boost to our productivity, and for only $150/month per runner it is much less expensive too.

Configuring Cirrus Runners

Configuring Cirrus Runners for GitHub Actions is as simple as installing Cirrus Runners App. After successful installation and subscription configuration, use any of Ventura images managed by us in runs-on:

name: Test Suite

When workflows are executing you'll see Cirrus on-demand runners on your organization's settings page at<ORGANIZATION>/settings/actions/runners. Note that Cirrus Runners will get added to the default runner group. By default, only private repositories can access runners in a default runner group, but you can override this in your organization's settings.