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Cirrus CLI

Tart itself is only responsible for managing virtual machines, but we've built Tart support into a tool called Cirrus CLI also developed by Cirrus Labs. Cirrus CLI is a command line tool with one configuration format to execute common CI steps (run a script, cache a folder, etc.) locally or in any CI system. We built Cirrus CLI to solve "But it works on my machine!" problem.

Here is an example of a .cirrus.yml configuration file which will start a Tart VM, will copy over working directory and will run scripts and other instructions inside the virtual machine:

  name: hello
    # can be a remote or a local virtual machine
    - echo "Hello from within a Tart VM!"
    - echo "Here is my CPU info:"
    - sysctl -n machdep.cpu.brand_string
    - sleep 15

Put the above .cirrus.yml file in the root of your repository and run it with the following command:

brew install cirruslabs/cli/cirrus
cirrus run

Cirrus CI already leverages Tart to power its macOS cloud infrastructure. The .cirrus.yml config from above will just work in Cirrus CI and your tasks will be executed inside Tart VMs in our cloud.

Note: Cirrus CI only allows images managed and regularly updated by us.

Retrieving artifacts from within Tart VMs

In many cases there is a need to retrieve particular files or a folder from within a Tart virtual machine. For example, the below .cirrus.yml configuration defines a single task that builds a tart binary and exposes it via artifacts instruction:

  name: Build
  build_script: swift build --product tart
    path: .build/debug/tart

Running Cirrus CLI with --artifacts-dir will write defined artifacts to the provided local directory on the host:

cirrus run --artifacts-dir artifacts

Note that all retrieved artifacts will be prefixed with the associated task name and artifacts instruction name. For the example above, tart binary will be saved to $PWD/artifacts/Build/binary/.build/debug/tart.