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GitLab Runner Executor

It is possible to run GitLab jobs in isolated ephemeral Tart Virtual Machines via Tart Executor. Tart Executor utilizes custom executor feature of GitLab Runner.

Basic Configuration

Configuring Tart Executor for GitLab Runner is as simple as installing gitlab-tart-executor binary from Homebrew:

brew install cirruslabs/cli/gitlab-tart-executor

And updating configuration of your self-hosted GitLab Runner to use gitlab-tart-executor binary:

concurrent = 2

  # ...
  executor = "custom"
  builds_dir = "/Users/admin/builds" # directory inside the VM
  cache_dir = "/Users/admin/cache"
    prepare_exec = "gitlab-tart-executor"
    prepare_args = ["prepare"]
    run_exec = "gitlab-tart-executor"
    run_args = ["run"]
    cleanup_exec = "gitlab-tart-executor"
    cleanup_args = ["cleanup"]

Now you can use Tart Images in your .gitlab-ci.yml:

# You can use any remote Tart Image.
# Tart Executor will pull it from the registry and use it for creating ephemeral VMs.

    - tart-installed # in case you tagged runners with Tart Executor installed
    - uname -a

For more advanced configuration please refer to GitLab Tart Executor repository.