Tart is a virtualization toolset to build, run and manage macOS and Linux virtual machines on Apple Silicon.

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Virtualization and beyond

Apple’s native Virtualization.Framework

Native performance

Tart is using Apple’s native Virtualization.Framework that was developed along with architecting the first M1 chip. This seamless integration between hardware and software ensures smooth performance without any drawbacks.

OCI-compatible container registries

Remote storage for Virtual Machines

For storing virtual machine images Tart integrates with OCI-compatible container registries. Work with virtual machines as you used to with Docker containers.

GitHub Actions Runners

Seamless integration with your existing automations

Tart integrates with many continuous integration systems, including a dedicated service of on-demand GitHub Actions Runners. With a single line change, you can cut your CI/CD costs by up to 30 times by using Cirrus Runners to run your workflows.

Run at scale with Orchard

Tart toolset includes Orchard Orchestration — tool to run and manage Tart virtual machines at scale on a cluster of Apple Silicon hosts. An Orchard Cluster exposes a simple REST API to manage thousands virtual machines. Orchard CLI allows accessing remote virtual machines like they run locally.

Automation Powerhouse

With more than 25,000 installations to date, Tart has been adopted for various scenarios. Its applications range from powering CI/CD pipelines and reproducible local development environments, to helping in the testing of device management systems without actual physical devices.

What our users say

Mitchell Hashimoto

Mitchell Hashimoto

HashiCorp co-founder

I've been using "Cirrus Runners" since that tweet and it has been fantastic. Huge speed increase, huge cost decrease, zero maintenance, exactly what I wanted.
Sebastian Jachec

Sebastian Jachec

Mobile Engineer at Daybridge

It’s been plain-sailing with the Cirrus Runners — they’ve been great! They’re consistently 60+% faster on workflows that we previously used Github Actions’ macOS runners for.
Max Lapides

Max Lapides

Senior Mobile Engineer at Tonal

Previously, we were using the GitHub‑hosted macOS runners and our iOS build took ~30 minutes. Now with Cirrus Runners, the iOS build only takes ~12 minutes. That’s a huge boost to our productivity, and for only $150/month per runner it is much less expensive too.